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$7.99 1 BIG palette +1 mid palette B1

$7.99 USD $29.99 USD

$7.99 1 BIG eyeshadow palette


          1 MID eyeshadow palette

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items contain:

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Pieces contains 100 possible cosmetics:






Kevin&Coco 4-color lipgloss--1/100

Kevin&Coco 3-color blush--1/100

Kevin&Coco matt lipstick--1/100

Kevin&Coco 6-color cheese--1/100

Rosa Angel 4-color toast blush--1/100

Rosa Angel 16-color ultimate eyeshadow--1/100

Rosa Angel 16-color shine glitter--1/100

Rosa Angel 2-color shine highlighter--1/100

Rosa Angel face&body liquid glitter--1/100

IMAN OF NOBLE 12-color strawberry palette--1/100

IMAN OF NOBLE fluffy lipgloss--1/100

IMAN OF NOBLE fruit lippalm--1/100

IMAN OF NOBLE rainbow lipgloss--1/100

S.F.R COLOR banana loose powder--1/100

S.F.R COLOR 8-color chocolate eyeshadow--1/100

S.F.R COLOR round loose powder--1/100

S.F.R COLOR 9-color fruit eyeshadow--1/100

S.F.R COLOR 16-color soft eyeshadow--1/100

S.F.R COLOR 4-color chocolate palette--1/100

S.F.R COLOR 10-color donut palette--1/100

S.F.R COLOR 10-color ice-cream palette--1/100

S.F.R COLOR 2-color round glitter--1/100

S.F.R COLOR color blush set--1/100

S.F.R BANANA loose powder--1/100

S.F.R COLOR foundation--1/100

S.F.R COLOR concealer--1/100

S.F.R COLOR sunscreen---1/100

S.F.R COLOR 6-color glitter--1/100

S.F.R COLOR 4-color eyeshadow--1/100

S.F.R COLOR helllokitty lippalm--1/100

HEDOES peach volume mascara--1/100

HEDOES 3-in-1 Volume mascara--1/100

Colorina 10-color palette--1/100

Julystar fairy dust--1/100

EELHOE 6-in-1 eyeliner and eyelash sticker--1/100

HUDAVIOJI doodle lipstick--1/100

FAVORBEAUTY coco lip tint--1/100

ROMANTIC FLOWER 12-color eyeshadow--1/100

HOLDHOME coffee-cup beauty blender--1/100

CLIO pro layering 10-color palette--1/100

HOLDHOME coffee-cup beauty blender--1/100

BELENDA Beauty love lip tint--1/100

VARIED QUEEN 6-color round glitter--1/100

SUNRISE 16-color eyeshadow--1/100

Steneo 4-color Contour set--1/100

OKVLVN waterproof eyeliner--1/100

Girl2Girll highlighter--1/100

Mafa Beauty wet wipes--1/100

KIRSCHE melon palette--1/100

KIRSCHE leaf girl palette--1/100

KIRSCHE 10-color happy palette--1/100

FELIZ DIA DE mexican palette--1/100

FAVOURBEAUTY CAT palette--1/100

KIRSCHE lash combo--1/100

MUGE LEEN lipgloss--1/100

BELENDA BEAUTY lip tint combo--1/100




ALA double lipstick--1/100

NUDE Kuromi lippalm--1/100

NUDE cinna lippalm--1/100

NUDE Kitty lippalm--1/100

NUDE melody lippalm--1/100

NUDE doggie lippalm--1/100

GREEN ALASKA rouge palette--1/100

GREEN ALASKA coutour set--1/100

MUGE LEEN peach lipgloss set--1/100

MUGE LEEN blueberry lipgloss set--1/100

MUGE 4-color palette--1/100

MAKEUP STUDIO 12-color eyeshadow--1/100

RUHYARUO 24-color piggie palette--1/100

ErshiQi 10-color palette--1/100

K'APEINE 11-color angel palette--1/100

IMAGES 12-color owl palette--1/100

USHAS lip mask--1/100

NUDE 18-color palette--1/100

ANYLADY 12-color palette--1/100

Steneo 4-color coutour set--1/100

MINERAL loose powder--1/100

MOcallure kitty lip set--1/100

NAUGHTY lipstick set--1/100

HK hellokitty brush set--1/100

PCU mini lipstick--1/100

OKVLVN 12-color natural color palette----1/100

OKVLVN eyeliner--1/100

ZHENXIU natural foundation--1/100

Mishiti black eyeliner--1/100

COLORFUL RAINBOW green palette--1/100

COLORFUL RAINBOW mexican palette--1/100

EVERYTHINGWIN blush palette--1/100

MKING PRETTY lipgloss--1/100

SMILE mini lipstick--1/100

RUBYFACE beauty blender combo--1/100

SLEEK meetme matt lipgloss--1/100

COCO Venus 9-color palette--1/100

IMAN OF BEUATY chocolate lipstick combo--1/100

AURORA 9-color eyeshadow--1/100

MUGE LEEN deer lipgloss combo--1/100

NYCE Make up Eyeshadow Purple--1/100

NYCE Make up Eyeshadow Silver--1/100

OKALAN Yellow Eyeshaodw--1/100

Earthly Rainbows eyeshadow--1/100 cream
3.lip oil
4.lip glaze
5.powder puff
7. Blush
12.Lip Tint
14. Beauty egg
15.Makeup brush

Dear Sister:

After you purchased the products!

go back to our live stream,

Comment "ordered" in the live and tell the host your order number.

1.The customer places an order in yellow cart in the livestream.

2. Go back to Tiktok Livestream confirm the order with host

3.Host show the products to the customer

4.Customer need to confirm the order number on the bag , and then take a screenshot

for double confirm.

5.tracking the order for customer

6.Shipping Orders(shipping fee is $9.99)

7.The customer check the product after receiving the package.

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