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special deal - bag link on live

$10.00 USD $259.99 USD

Do not order this link secretly, otherwise we will cancel ur order!!

we have lulu bag/ GG bag / fenfen bag etc. , comment what brand or color u wanna see, we will show u one by one.

1. Just tell us what bags or brand you want on live (the more you want , bigger discount u have), and claim the bag u want.

2. We will give you the final price , and teach you how to use this link placing an order

3.You can order this link, then go back to our live and comment 'ordered'.

you can imagine what's inside

Dear Sister:

After you purchased the products!

go back to our live stream,

Comment "ordered" in the live and tell the host your order number.

1.The customer places an order in yellow cart in the livestream.

2. Go back to Tiktok Livestream confirm the order with host

3.Host show the products to the customer

4.Customer need to confirm the order number on the bag , and then take a screenshot

for double confirm.

5.tracking the order for customer

6.Shipping Orders

7.The customer check the product after receiving the package.

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